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  • 16 2019-10

    Plastic Gearbox Motors

    Plastic Gearbox Motors.
    Lightweight, Quiet, Competitive price.

  • 09 2019-10

    Brushless DC Motors

    Brushless DC Motors with higher efficiency, more powerful with smaller size.

  • 30 2019-09

    Brushless DC motor

    The brushless DC motor without brush and commutator.
    More Effective, More long life.

  • 25 2019-08

    Plastic Planetary Gearbox Moto

    Plastic Planetary Gearbox Motors.

    Transmission System with More Lighter, Quiet, High Efficient, More Cheaper.

  • 25 2019-08

    Compact, Efficient Brushless D

    Under the mechanism of continuous deepening market competition, the company constantly improves the enterprise management system to show the grasp of engineering research and development, supply chain, production process quality and sales service quality control, to ensure that customers provide satisfactory products and services.

  • 25 2019-08
  • 25 2019-08

    Company Website has be updated

    Company Website has be updated, increased our new plant informations and updated the catalogues. Thanks for your continuing concern our company.